Parallel Yachts, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are a boat manufacturer specialising in innovative pleasure craft designs, aiming to create a practical, yet exciting product. We have brought together a worldwide group of experts from the marine industry, each contributing their specific know-how, thus achieving a superior yacht design.

Each vessel has been designed by LOMOcean Designs, New Zealand. LOMOcean are a cutting edge design house who have given the world record breaking projects like "Earth Race" and "Planet Solar". Their ability to think outside the box, then transform these concepts into designs makes them the perfect partner for Parallel Yachts.

Vessels are built at the Fiber Lab's yard in Dubai Investment Park, paired with onsite expert consultation from Composite Conclusions. Fiber Lab are experts in boat fabrication using state-of-the-art composite and carbon fibre techniques.

The Parallel catamaran concept is intended to offer big boat volume in a compact package, with the speed required to match busy lifestyles coupled to superlative ride qualities. Construction is in high tech infused epoxy foam sandwich composites, to create a strong, stiff, lightweight and maintenance free structure. Carbon fibre is used in stiffness critical areas, including the all-important cross structure joining the two catamaran hulls.

The hull underwater is a transitional type, blending elements of displacement catamaran hull design with carefully designed chines and strakes offering the dynamic lift required for high speeds. Characterized by a very fine entry, this hull form offers extremely soft ride qualities in rough seas, allowing the craft to maintain high speeds when conventional craft must slow down to preserve passenger comfort and safety. The spray root moves well aft at speed, sending all spray aft and away from the decks and wheelhouse, making the boat exceptionally dry.

The hulls are assisted by a plano-convex carbon fibre hydro-foil or wing spanning between the hulls above the keel line, helping the boats achieve their dynamic sprint speeds.